Im getting the feeling that THIS will be as "good" as FEARnet gets! ! ! I will try and keep popping in but I think they are going to lose us ALL ! THIS is NOT an improvement ! I hope that THEY arent hoping we will "get used to it" and somehow like it the way it is now. Much as I like admin and love the FEAR, this aint getting it done.

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happy birth day

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Hope you are enjoying the weekend. My car is in a Coma & can't get him looked at till Monday. Hope is able to be revived. I really do need a vehicle to get around for the few places that I go to. My Mom's nurse recommended her mechanic to me as being good & priced reasonable. Let's hope this is true & he can keep Frosty running for several more years. Been working in the yard the last few days. Thinning debris, trimming trees & removing wayward trees, etc. You'd think I'd sleep like a baby with all this manual labor, but still unable to sleep.Sll have not receive any e-mail from you, have you from me? Don't understand what the problem is. Bye for now.

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Hey Roger just wanted to visit and say HI,

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Right in our butts ....ouch!!! it me some  dinner first!!


At this point I think we are the only ones playing the ELIMINATION GAME ! I think peeps are REALLY unhappy and Im beginning to think they are hoping we will "just get used" to the changes. Between being on a site that doesnt feel like it used to and hanging with trolls among great people, I may just give up being on any 'net site at all. Its getting to be no fun anymore. Im not a kid, too much bullshit.

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So the people are still unhappy!  But HF is right, it is no fun anymore! Why can't admin see that they made a big mistake in trying to improve what wasn't broken & just change it back? I only found this site because I like horror. But I do not watch nearly as many movies as the people here. I know nothing about the directors. I learned many things from reading peoples posts. I only posted silly things like it's National Vinyl Record Day 'cause I did enjoy interacting with the people. But to the true horror fans I may have been a bit of a troll myself because I did not contribute anything worthwhile to the film discussions.The new site seems more geared to the real movie fans & I can't pretend to as knowledgeable as they are.
That's why I never played the horror elimination game-didn't know the movies.It was fun while it lasted, but it's all over now.I guess we can wait & see how it all plays out. 

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Just been hustlin, hard. Fuckin shark week bud!!!hell yeeeah√

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well man this place has gone to hell thats for sure!! did you get that site from dakota or klowns?? thats where lots of us have been hanging out,at least you have things you can do over there. here they keep saying there going to do this and do that but so far its a bust!! so come on over and have some real fun. On that site u have to be 18 so u know its fun over there!!!! see u there...........


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