You've got me between a rock and the hard place mate. I dont like letting my mates down. I wasnt included in the decision to recruit someone that so many people dont like, and it was obvious that many people didnt like him. Not only that but "loyalties" by other people to that particular gent aside, everyone KNOWS he behaved MORE than "badly" on a site for no reason. So I turned down invites to join the site he was on. Now without anyone asking my opinion, he was recruited for your site. What did you think was going to happen? Even not behaving like a true troll, do you think anyone wanted to be around the "town troublemaker"?  FEARnetters had to put up with insults, some personal, for YEARS so why would those same people want to go somewhere after they got rid of him here? What you are saying to me is not exactly fair. I think the world of you two and thats why I joined. Something I havent done on any other site. If you notice, I havent deleted myself, but Im also not enjoying myself. I will be on the site on occasion but I am even thinking of disappearing from the 'net completely. Everyone mistakes me for a friendly guy, a nice guy, I am NOT. But I AM civil in general and treat my friends with the utmost respect. Im NOT telling people not to go to the site at all, but Im not all that excited about prospects so I have to stop them from asking me how come Im not on. Its a fine line. I DO stop by and aswer emails but I hesitate on discussions because Im not going to engage with everyone and so it will be a matter of time before the resentment starts and "high horse" bullshit remarks come my way. I didnt invite the worst troll in fearnets history. Someone else did. Im still on and I want you guys to succeed but Im not a celebrity draw. One of your members is the repellent. Im not angry with anyone nor do I hate anyone, even the gent with the "former bad behavior", Im just too old for b.s. Im still there. I have returned every email anyone sends me.


Dakota made a remark which IS, WAS and ALWAYS SHOULD BE TRUE. . . . . "why cant it just be about the horror?" The answer IS. . . . . it WAS for everyone else BUT NOT FOR HIM. He would come on FEARnet and raise hell for no reason. Like a true troll. Make members feel unwelcome, make others feel insulted, cyber bully others, nothing to do with horror. Anything else is a lie or excuse.  Even his own wife who is an intelligent and articulate lady said, she never allows that behavior on the site. Then obviously, contrary to his assertions that he was "just outspoken", he was a troll. Instead of just being interested in horror. As Carpy always writes on his page "I am here for the horror".

Lugosi77's picture

Yo Klownz whtz goodie im back on the block Wuz checkin out the new site u guyz started and im havin sum trouble I did everything right But it sayz THE SECURITY CODE DID NOT MATCH THE ONE DISPLAYED, A NEWCODE HAS BEEN GENERATED PLEASE TRY AGAIN. I dnt get it klownz im doin the same shit as fear So gimme shout look forward to hear from ya thanx peace!!!

klownz's picture

Hey up boss, defo need you to join up! when i joined i had problems with the security thing, the bit where you type the letters so the site knows you aint spam .... try and join up again and if it doesnt work ....... heres my email: karlhutchinson666@gmail.com ..... if you send me your email address to mine i can open up a account for you with a basic password, then once you are in you will just need to change the password to you own .... like i said give it another look but defo email me your email and am sure i can fix it, dakota says hi aswell! (boots had problems to and breezie hasnt landed yet!)

Despoina's picture

Hey Klownz, ive been around, checking this place out, they realy changed it, lol. Thanks for the link!

undescriptyell's picture

Sorry it has taken me so long. I have been so busy with school since it started. I have to have surgery on Monday :/ so I am leaving to a hotel pretty soon. But after this thursday is over i should have more free time and i will set up an account on your forum this week :)

<3 <3 

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They replaced all the pcs here at the compound and the server and for now, MANSION is blocked until my request gets a look to "uncensor" the site. "Love" this fookin' place ( the "compound")


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