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Fearnet. Will not let us use any new Photos. The Photos you have are cool. We were on a caping trip. The {Dark} woods were like in a {Horror} Movie. We loved it. Heres {Dark Alice} to say more. Now she types."I love that my Dad is {Hellraiser}.I meen. Ooops. Hay! Oh.Hello! Love!. Long time no see. Just Came back. Wow. It was like a {Dark Wonderland}. We saw walking dead people. And I did use a Cainsaw. That was fun. Blood every were. And it was so {Dark}. My kind of fun. Did I say that right. Your so {Wonderful}. I meen that in my {Dark} way. Thats a good thing. Will bake to {School}. Jail {School}. Will it seems like that. I will give them a good {Dark} Time. Ooooops. See {The Cabin in the woods}. Best {Horror} Movie of the year. We give it 5 stars. Back to my {Plants vs Zombies} Game. Will see you in you sleep. Love {Dark Alice}

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Hey chang, im still alive!!

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 hey roger how are the girls settling in ?? well I hope ? as 4 me I've been working on new boat, well new 2 me, refurbing having 2 replace ok, remake some of the seats & trace out some of the wiring, it's been setting out in the weather 4 some time!! could be a nice boat with some TLC?!!  I'll send pics via Email

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OMG....I'm beyond sorry for your loss :(

Sorry I haven't been on for a lil while, It was my birthday on the 10th also and been busy reorganising my bedroom, painting etc.

I understand what your going through, I lost my Skoota back in Feb.

It's terrible and actually makes you feel like a hole is inside and empty and I had trouble where I couldn't stop piecing everything together step by step of what had happened.


All I can say thats probably helpful is, Sammy had an amazing life with the time he had with you, he loved you and you've got photo's, and video's like you said to keep forever aswell as that thoughtful pawprint.

I got a canvas print of Skoota done that's on my wall, you could do that in memory of him :)

Well I'll let you go for now and take it easy, I will hug Theo for you and feel better.

R.I.P Sammy 

xoxo, B.




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 saw that you were on so had 2 say HEY!!!!

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try and sink you teeth into this moist delicious snack. "LOL"

This photo is of a snake CAKE made to look like an Amelanistic Burmese Python for a birthday party. Yummmm"












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so how are things chang? how u dealing with this heat...just recently it got up to 112 here in so cal...i can only imagine what its like there....

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  hey it's friday & that means that there are gonna be some new movies at the theaters !!! might so this one or another or maybe both??


VERY disheartening, this new FEARnet.


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