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I am leaving this message here because i want people to see it,

 as you know i am a true fearnet member and i have gone out of my way to help admin with spam and trolls ... i think there is only you and me who speak to the boss & the boss always hits us back ...... i will not leave fear because i have made to many friends here and have geeked out big time with shouts to other groups am in and starting threads/re-booting old threads!

I offered you to be admin on moons & mine new project ... you didnt want to (i will not be admin once the place has found its way)

Am just a bit bummed out that you are not intrested in the place anymore, without a doubt we are friends and talk all the time and i really nead your help getting the new group off the ground, if i carnt rely on you to help a brother out then am pretty fucked!!


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 WELL, the weekend is good cause it's the weekend, but have been fighting with a damb car 4 three days ever work on a 93 honda?? they suck ?? I'm not a little man 6ft. 1 in. 220lbs ( yea I no they stack shit pretty high these days) well long story short the timing belt let go & what a freaking jog that is !!! 5 timing marks, 2 diff. belts & 2 top it off the TDC mark is om the flywheel???  but I gottur done!!


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You know you are a very good friend to me & you know i am real on the horror front, i know you arnt happy but i need you to be involved if you arnt in then am kinda not in myself ... i thought you would stick with me and moon on this.... if Sak PLAYS UP THEN HE IS GONE but he hasnt


if you arnt in then the site is fucked &| i will stick to my IMDB group

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WOW! isn't this special!!!!! thanks Hellfighter!

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Still no improvement here. Can't admin see all the regulars are unhappy & are leaving or have left? I wish they would bring back some of the old stuff or say "Just kidding!" & go back to the way it was. We all liked it. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. All they did was fuck it up. I don't know why they don't notice, this is taking way too long & I'm beginning to think this is as good as it gets. Hope things are going good for you. Looking into the car thing tomorrow & maybe more yard work. The blisters are somewhat better today, so a few bandaides & my gloves & I should be good to go. 

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LOL , I thought u might like it. I thought what the heck were the only ones playing,might as well have some fun. It don't matter if u haven't seen all of them,you can just vote by the name alone if you want,there all basically the same,They all come out the same in the end,LMAO>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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No Photos will work. Will thats all we can do. Fearnet. has to go back to its old webpag. This new one. Has to get better. Or were out of here. We did go camping in the wood. The new movie is good to. Heres {Dark Alice} to say more. I have to go. Now she types. Hello! Love! I bet you don't get any one to say that to you. Just me. Will we both thank your {Wonderful}. I meen that in our {Darkist} way. Thats a good thing. Did I say that right? We did just come back. From the {Dark} wood. We saw walking dead people. And I did get to use my fun chinsaw. Blood every were. Now thats my kind of fun. We have new cool photos. But we cant send them. Too bloody.Or is Fearnet still not working right. Will see you in your sleep Love {Dark Aice}

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Hey bud!!

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You still a real killer fighter.....love the pic.....sitting downing some jack dani..listening to some Mobb-Deep HELL ON EARTH......


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