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 hey haven't been by in a while, so thot I wood say 

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vim fine,just been busy with work,an i dont really come on here that often ne more,except as usual 2c if there have been ne changes,an 2check my page comments,but 1nce this is back 2normal i will come back on here more often,an the site that klownz gave me a link 2 was anova horror site called; FEAR ITSELF, hope all is well with u??,like ur new profile pic!! love shona x  x x

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Wassup brother bey ! Good to see you hanging on the FEAR. I keep hoping they arent done as they need to still change some things and bring back our pix and comment alerts. This is becoming a real drag. Good to see you.

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Yea this really bite's!! I wish they would get this site but together. I sure do miss using color in my writing!!As I'm writing to you I can write in color but it don't send it that way!! and that sucks.We had a hell of a storm go through last night. My neighbors tree got up rooted,one down the block had a large limb get broken off. It really raised some hell.Rest of the week looks like storms,can't wait to see what happens,the only thing is I'm at work when it happens!!!!!

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We had some nasty weather here too chang.....power out for a week, they were giving hell to the power company (BGE BALTIMORE GAS & ELECTRIC)...Were  good now though. Hey chang, can you show me the way we post pics  (upload)  now?? I can't do it the old way...Thanks bud.

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Been awhile how dem Ravens look?.....The Rams look .....well shitty again but 8 or more years of 1st overall....2nd overall and 3rd overall picks might build them up to a fabulously mediocre 6 and 10!!!!!! waHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOO

Go Rams?

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how ru??? miss u       lv shona x

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gud 2hear from u,an all i did 2my page was go2 were it says edit profile an edit profile pic 21 i already have on my comp pics but sumtimes it doesnt always work coz of the size?? idk y?? an i go 2header image for the pic at the top of my page,an then i scroll down 2 back ground image an pic a image i want 4that but i c u figured that bit out already,but this is so lame compared 2how we cud customise our profiles b4!!!!!,if im honest i dont think they are ever going 2get it sorted out,an it wont ever b as gud as it was b4,shame though really!!!!!! lv shona x x

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