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This would be a nice present!!!

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Well it would not let me post the pick I wanted to damn it!!! LOL So I guess I will settle for this crazy one!!

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Shit now It won't let me post pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thanks man just chilling, and hanging out.check out the girls over yonder at the other place at the party<lol

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Other site has some nice features, but call me old fashioned, I liked the old FN. Still hoping it gets back to normal. Been working in the yard thinning over grown brush & wayward trees. Now I have blisters all over my Candy Ass Hands even tho I always wear gloves. Had another Frog visitor in my Mom's bathroom & she's all upset. Can't find the little bastard so don't know where he went. Don't want to lie to Mom & tell her that I got him when I didn't. She would just get all freaked out if he shows up again & scares her. Well, that is all for now.


Just wanted to say hello Matt. Hope your weekend is going well.

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Last night was there first night alone when I went to work. I came home quick on my lunch break. I live close. They were just playing haveing a good old time,LOL When I came in they came to me tails in the air all happy,I petted them ,they were purring away then started playing again. Everything was good when I got home so they were good. It stormed last night and they did just fine!! I'm a proud PaPa,LOL now there starting to un-wind. The boat sounds cool,at least you will know what you have when your done,it will be better than it was before,put a zombie decal on the side of it,LOL








That would look cool on the side of it?? Something to think about,LOL

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check out the elimination game its all most over and no one except HF and I are playing it so I added something else to it,you might say a second game behind it to make things a bit more interesting,LOL


Wassup Matt !? Just giving a shout to say hey. MAN, I hope they arent going to leave the FEAR like this. Hoping and hanging in but. . . . . . . . . .

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well I hope the same thing brother !!!well anyway I just thot that I wood stop by & say hope that things R good 4 you?? & that this place is still on of my places 2 go & see if my friends & peeps are still there ?? 

going fishing this weekend, & wow we got some rain not like they did in florida, but we still got some rain, now in a few days maybe, I hope, I might get 2 mow my lawn?? & I know that sounds like a chore, but I will take that chore, cause with this drought, I haven't had 2 all summer & I miss it !!!! 


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