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Well I've been up,made one of my famous pizza's and my pot of coffee!! That movie Tater City looks fookin killer!! can't wait to get to check it out!! Have you seen the trailer for Silent Hill Revelation?? That look's good as well.That comes out in Oct 26 th here in the states. I was up at 3 AM this morning. I finally got to watch that movie called (The Grey) I loved it but hated the ending,I wanted to see him fight that big ass wolf,lol Have to go out and pay a few bill's today then I will be broke,lol take care!!


Just wanted to let you know I requested to be removed from the new site. The trolls have landed. Im done.


Im getting the feeling that THIS will be as "good" as FEARnet gets! ! ! I will try and keep popping in but I think they are going to lose us ALL ! THIS is NOT an improvement ! I hope that THEY arent hoping we will "get used to it" and somehow like it the way it is now. Much as I like admin and love the FEAR, this aint getting it done. I wont be going back to the "mini-nest" as its going to be the sos from yesteryear with trolls are us.

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Since FN got messed up, it's hard to find out what people are up to & where they are. I've been to the Mansion, but if HF isn't there would rather stay here. Still working on & off in the yard cleaning up many years of neglect. I have the blisters to prove it. Usually only a few hours in the late afternoon as it is much to hot in the day & I am a very fair skinned white woman! Can't post a picture of some of my handiwork as it says they are too big & I don't know how to make them smaller. well I guess copy & paste worked.

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hey i'm new can i add ya? mr. blur fan?

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Hi Carp just came on FEARNET see if theres any changes.........hope you are well sweety...

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How goes it. Got A great rain last night,just loved it!!It don't rain here much in the fookin dessert. So when it does it a big to do!! It cooled things down also. i ended up getting me 2 kittens. Cute little things. love them so much!! Zia she is black and Gracie she is a smoky gray,they are a hoot to watch!! Just could not live without having some pets!! I will have to figure out how to delete some of the pics I have so I can add theres so I can show u them.Later mate!!!!

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how ru??? its been a while!! lv shona x




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