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ayyyeee.. its been ages.. u remember me? lol

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Just popping in for a bit to say Howdy!!!!!!

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Hello sweets just came on here to see if theres any changes.....

Miss you!!


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I wish the color would work!!!! what a fookin tease it is to write in color and it not post in color!!!!!!

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hows it going sarge? hows school? watch anything good lately?

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just stoping in 2 say hey & hope you have a GREAT weekend!!!


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yea I hope that they ain't going 2 leave it this way either, but what ya gonna do ?? adapt with the times brother, I hope that they stay true 2 their word & they give us back some of our stuff, but you do know that the old, we all used up alot of resources, that they probly R trying 2 make us stay up with the times?? I hope not, but that it when it comes 2 the big scheme of the world as we all know it !! the buck comes 1st, & we're not paying customers!! but one can hope that they stay TRUE 2 their word & things get back 2 the norm. but I 4 1 am NOT counting on it!!! I think that this is as good as it is going 2 get !! & thank GOD 4 the other site & what we have learned about the way that they work!!  but I still wish that it wasn't smoke in the ass, as it seems it has become on the FEAR !! you 4 one have more time than any one that I know, except 4 buffy & big john !! & I don't do GAYBOOK or TWEEKER so I still come back here in the HOPES!! but I degress, & ramble, so with this I say HAVE A GREAT weekend myfriend !! & I'll see you here or there !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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What has happened here? :( 

This is awful. I can't find a private way to message you at all. You should join this site! Much more basic. 


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NO I'm not leaving !! I will always come back here I have made 2 many friends here !!!! my last coment was just a ramble saying it may not get back 2 the way it was before ?? one can hope? but we have 2 except that they may not give us back all the things that we had stored on here ?? & we are!! figureing new ways of doing things on this site, so yes I'm hanging on 2 what they have told us & hoping?? SO I'm like a bad penny, I always turn up!!!!

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everything has been pretty good....still stressing about the wedding...started school...looks like the class is gonna be pretty fast pace so gotta keep my nose to the grind stone but i think i can do it....i actually havsnt seen the first one but still want to...its all the guys from my era...well the 80s....i was watching this mini doc with stallone and he was talking about how in those days to play a martial artist u had guys that actually trained for 10yrs..now any 2 bit chump is an action hero...ahh the good ol days..lol


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