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horror villian

When's the new horror villians coming. When is the new horror icon that everyonne knows is going to be here, when ? It's been a while since with had a horror icon that everyone new by hearing there name. But it's hard trying to find a character that appeals to every fan of horror and difficult cause of the many paths you could chose for it. and hollywood isn't eventrying there just making stupid remakes. I think it might be victor crowley from the hatchet movies cause he scary gruesome and sort of a siLent killer like jason and has a backstory of what happened and how he became a serial killers and kills everyone that comes to his swamp.

The Rules.

1).But if not the persohas to be scary no frighting. 

2).IT has to have a backstory that people could relate to in a way.

3).It's killings has bloody as they are gruesome.

4).It's needs to spare one person or they have to escape to come back and defeat so it has that  evil vs good vibe.

5).The killings need a reason. Freddy was that the parents of springwood burned him. Jason was that camp counselor killed his mom.

That's all I have to say. See I didn't metion if it was a guy or girl so it could be either. Something to think about so bye for now