Maniac, and the extinction of originality.

Maniac, and the extinction of originality.

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I'm sure everyone by now has seen a trailer, article mention, etc. about the remake of Maniac.  Once again I can say withouthaving seen this movie that it will be Terrible.  Now I get the idea of revamping movies to appeal to a younger audience.  However I find myself more appauld thananything about remaking classic pictures Wrong.  I say this because their are some remakes that I like.  The Blob, The Thing, The Fly, Dracula, hell I even thought the new Dawn was enjoyable (not great, but decent).  Why is it that it's easier to remake a movie, and market it like it never existed before this moment than to re-release the original through a vast number of outlets to educate younger Horror Fans.  Especially when 95% of the remakes have no vision, appeal, passion in them.  They become cookie cutter tween flix that have little to do with their counterpart other than name, and minor storylines.  It's getting to a point that I don't care to see any movies.  Im not saying that there isn't fresh, original stories out there.  It does seem however they get lost in a sea of redundacy. 


Opionions? Let me know what you think.

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i thought the trailer looked quite promising (suprisingly). As for the death of originality i do agree to a certain extent but i think the remake craze is more to do with making money the easy way rather than there being a genuine lack of original ideas. One thing that concerns me with remakes is, if the trend continues will it damage the future of horror? when i was a kid all horror was original but young horror fans these days are being spoon fed horror films that have no soul, when i got into horror it made me want to look into the history of the genre & look into films from all over the globe & i dont think modern horror captures the young fans imagination like that anymore


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Honestly remakes are about playing it safe. Hollywood is in the business to make money. That entails focus groups and all kinds of other marketing ploys to get people in the rent seats at the theater and hopefully later buy DVDs or digital downloads. With movie budgets(Not Horror so much.) being in the tens of millions of dollars they are very prone to do what works rather than take chances. Very few people they will take risks with such as Rob Zombie or Robert Rodriguez. They are definitely not likely to take a chance with a promising script or TV show idea if it is of an unknown quality. Movies like Hellraiser and Nightmare on Elm St would never see the big screen in the current climate.


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I agree with you for most horror remakes, but with the Maniac remake, I feel like it's almost an "homage" to the original instead of a rip off.  It looks stylistic and seems to embrace the brutality of the 1980 version.  It's sort of an odd choice in casting Elijah Wood in the lead, but that's what might make it even more creepy and real.  Hopefully he doesn't come off as too cheesy and is somewhat believable in the role.  The trailer definitely showed promise and I think this is one horror remake (on a short list) that will be worthy of the time and effort they took to make it.  Not saying it will surpass the original, but I'm not mad at this remake attempt at all, especially after seeing the trailer.  

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