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I just checked out your website and its pretty fooking cool, cant wait to see smiely, i have a online buddie called SlasherStudios who has a site similar thats dedicated to slashers.

Anyway am just droppin in to invite you to my friends & my horror chat forum set up to accomadate the fearnet gang whilst fearnet is under construction, defo nip over and register and if you want i will add your site into our "official links" section.


cya later!

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Thanks for checking out my website.....I'm going to keep trying to build it up.  I'll check out the SlasherStudios site and I'll check out the forum you have too and would love it if you could add my site into your links section.  Sorry I'm just getting back to you btw - didn't realize I had a message on here....thanks for the support! 



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