Help identifying a movie.

Help identifying a movie.

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Hey everyone,

I've been on a little bit of a kick re-watching movies I've seen years ago, or have caught parts of and have been meaning to sit down and watch the whole thing. I've had to do a little digging, since I've forgotten titles, but so far have found the first two movies I've been looking for movies. The next movie I want to watch, however, I only have one clear memory of. I believe it's a slasher film. The murderer/psycho is a balding, somewhat overweight man. I think he targeted women. The clear memory I have is a scene where he is doing bicep curls shirtless in red lighting. It is really bugging me that I can't find this movie! I keep seeing the crazed maniac curling the bar, to strengthen himself for next brute attack.

I even think it was on FearNet that I saw part of this film. It looked like it was from the 80's, or 70's possibly. Anyone have an idea of what film this is?

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If you ask this question at IMDB's horror group you have a much, much better chance of getting the answer.


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Is it "Don't Answer the Phone"?


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Dear Horror Movie Buffs,           I  rented a movie back in the 80's (VHS) that was in the "Horror" section, but it wasn't  really  "scary"  as much as it was sick & twisted.  I have always considered it the most disturbing film that I've ever seen.  I was POSITIVE the name of it was " Regarding Henry", but after resently viewing it , I am shocked to find that it's not.  There is a sequel to "Regarding Henry", but I haven't been able to aquire a copy yet to see if that is the movie.  But in the movie I am looking for there are 2 particular scenes that were disturbingly  unforgettable. I think there were 2 men and maybe 1 (or 2) women who were doing the killings, and I'm pretty sure they were traveling -not "on the run" or "wanted", yet anyways, but  on the move to avoid that.  They home invaded one house  where they tied them (Father, Mother, Teen Son. Possibly a teen Daughter) Then one of the men raped the teen Son (as he was still tied up) right infront of the Mother.  Then near the end of the film, at a different invasion, one of the men had a girl (naked) tied facedown on a bed.  Then while sodomizing her, as he reached his climax -he slit her throat so she would convulse.  Sorry, but I did say it was the sickest film I ever saw.  Why am I looking for this film?  To forever scar and haunt my boyfriend,  :) . 



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