Hi.. I'm new.

Hi.. I'm new.

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Hey Dudes,

My names Zac Gordon, big fan of scary stuff but mainly for  the thriller side. My favorite beibng psychological thrillers and such, currently writting a couple at the moment, one about a homeless guy and one about post mortem stress from the war. Hopefully get some more ideas off you guys.

I also run a film company In Perth, Australia called Tunnel Vision Media, I haven't done anything too scary yet, but I like to keep things pretty dark. This is probably the closest thing to scary i have done. 


Hope you guys have a good weekend, Peace. 

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cool vid started off strong....something slightly off about the hue but decent...liked ur splicing of news...


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oh and welcome to the fear...lots of the regs are roaming aimlessly due to the remod but this site has been home to us...glad to have u


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WELCOME TO FEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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