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News Article

Terrorize the Bowling Alley with Severed Head Ball


The Busted Foundation and The Horror Starlets are auctioning off this one-of-a-kind severed head bowling ball to benefit women battling breast cancer.

Hand-painted by Clint Carney, whose work can be seen in Scream 4 and The Savages, this ball depicts a none-too-happy, screaming severed head. We can only imagine the head was still a little bit alive when it hit the pins. Another fun thing: the finger holes are conveniently located right in the brain.

The ball is signed by Carney and several ladies from The Horror Starlets team. You can bid on the auction here.

Back in July FEARnet covered the Horror Starlet's Bowling for Boobies event. Read more about the charity and the hot horror stars here.