dakotamoon's picture
come play with us...just til fearnet works it all out....

klownz's picture

hey moon beat me to you, make sure you join our new horror site, all the fearnet regulars are hanging out there until fear is fixed!   cya later!

Changsha's picture

hi on here if you want to send a message you have to find there profile then click on it,then enter it into the message box. There is no more private messages,at least not now. You have to go and copy and paste pics if you want to add them in your messages for now. its a real pain in the ass.


I just wanted to say hello sweetie.

Changsha's picture

If you want to have fun again come join lots of us that went here,it way better than here thats for sure!!


I havent been on here for a few days. Hope all is well.


Hiya Magie ! Just hit your EDIT PROFILE tab up above, then go to HEADER IMAGE (its like my skull DILLIGAF view) and also go to BACKGROUND IMAGE. You can browse and download a pic to do either/or. Easy stuff for a change. Hope you are having a great weekend. Sorry I didnt get your message sooner. Im waiting for this place to get "better". Most of us dont care for the set up anymore. Not as "community" as it used to be as we cant tell who has commented what. I also get constantly stopped by their "language software thingie" which claims Im cussing when Im not. Catch you later.

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