Hi! I'm new to Fear Net!

Hi! I'm new to Fear Net!

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Hi everyone,

I've been watching Fear Net for a long time on cable, but I'm new to the online community. I'm really looking to make some friends who I share horror-related interests with. I like supernatural horror, psychologica horror, and many japanese horror movies (boh origional japanese movie and some US remakes). My favorite movies are The Midnight Meat Train, One Missed Call, The Grudge series, Dark Water, The Ring, Audition, and The Shining.

I'm also a big Silent Hill fan, as you can probably tell from my user name.

If there are any other fans of Japanese horror movies here, I'd love to know! I'm looking forward to my time here.


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WELCOME ! Unfortunately some "unkind" changes have been made on FEARnet that chased many of us out as we wait for it to improve but its nice to meet new horror heads.


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Hello there im also new here just looking for some friends on here i love any and everything horror


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hello there ,  I do not see, or hear, or speak evil. It's the only way.


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I love Asian horror, in fact next month as part of a "October Challenge" am doing in a couple of other groups i will be first time viewing 31 Asian horrors! 2 days till the games begin!

I love silent hill to am just praying the sequel turns out good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Hey all you fear fans, I have been watching horror since I was 10 years old, I am now 55, and raised my chidren on it. Only one of them are like me, and love horror. I am so glad that I found fearnet, cannot get enough of it. People think I am crazy because I just love horror. :-)


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hey im new here. grew up watching horror movies. cant get enough. the bloodier, the gorier, the scarier the better. like to talk with people who have similiar interest in a good frightfest 



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hi! i just made my account. I love horror movies for a few reasons, the big two are my family watch a marathon on Halloween night and two i love how the do the special effects and make-up. also i really don't kow but what channle is fearnet on on comcast



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hey new fearheads get chatting all things horror


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