what you think ?

what you think ?

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I found  that some one is remaking stephen kings (it) what do you think ? 

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does not surprise me in the slightest  , imean its all about kiddie flicks these days , and IT , would be a massive hit for the kiddies , giving big bucks for the makers!!!its a no brainer ,i cant imagine a better pennywise mind you,


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I have been looking forward to this remake for ages .... i just can't wait to be let down!

In honesty though i thought the original was fucking brilliant but only the first half with the child actors, the second half was pretty piss poor and i hate to say it but someone has to! On my dvd its the adult cast that are credited and that is bullshit since the youngsters put in a much better preformance other than Curry.


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I so agree! Lots of people don't like the mini-series and I cannot fathom why. It's (pun intended) on my Halloween watch list. Was an awesome read as well. I like the fact that it stayed true to the novel. Nothing like "Needful Things" which they butchered to make into a star vehicle for Ed Harris. Tim could still play Pennywise. Hell, the character wears greasepaint. Pretend he's young. 

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I suppose it could work, if done right, but we know how Hollywood likes to half-ass a lot of their remakes. You would have to focus more on the characters – like what we saw from the movie – and not make it as gorier and over the top as possible. What I liked about the movie was the psychological aspect, where Pennywise could come at any time and get you without the restrictions of reality. It should be a character horror piece.

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