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Yes finally a super DC replacement for Smallville. I was a huge Smallvile fan. Was Oliver not a strong enough character on this show to get his own show Justin Hartley????? Would any body watch if he had to carry the show as main character? I dont know I suppose I could see problems with that happening he had ups and downs as his role in smallville.

So there is a lot of analysis that could be done as to why Smallville's green arrow is not the green arrow of the new show and maybe they will explain that in the pilot or first few episodes. Maybe they want to disconnect this character from the Smallville character completely, who knows?

I am excited to see this series I wish it was going to be Friday night like Smallville was the last few seasons but again might be looking for a total disconnection which means there will be no cameos... Sad I loved those guys and would definitely make me an instant fan if there were some character crossover with the origional cast.

Bottom line is that I shall save judgement untill at least after the fist episode and there is some development of characters and direction of the show. I hope fearnet covers it so that I can throw out my response and reaction and get some of the same from writer Alyse.

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Just dropping you a invite to the "horror mansion" just follow the link and check it out! Hope you decide to join the tribe!

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