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My Daily life



I am very much easy going and always want to do whatever my mind wants. But I have my own routine to maintain daily. My daily routine starts from early in the morning at 5:30am when I get up. Doing little exercise I get ready for my prayer. After saying my prayer I take a quick bath and get ready to take breakfast and then get ready for my office. When I was a student, just a few months ago; I followed the same routine too. But that was different in some matter. You will see the differences by reading this. After graduation, i have set up my own music shop and online business which generally serves brass quartet sheet music, which is free and downloadable as pdf. My office is 15 minutes distance from my home and I always use my car as my transport. I have to remain in my office from 9am to 5pm daily except Friday. In office I do official task what is assigned to me. But in Friday, I spend this time by watching movies, playing pc games, write poems, read novels or going outside with family members. After the end of my office I do not go home straight generally. I go with my friends and chat with them for 3 hours everyday. After that I go to my home and after freshen up I take a rest for nearly an hour. At about 11:30pm I take my dinner and about 1am I go to bed to sleep. And again another day starts and like these I follow everything. This is my daily routine and life.

I am an ambitious person and very hard working too. I like to see myself on the top position and so that I never give out my opportunity. I have made my every step and always searching for glory. A little thing won’t satisfy me. If I did something or made some I tried to make those better than the previous. But I do not want to take any step unfaithful or by false activities. I love to tell truth and remain good and truthful to everyone in all my works. I believe that industry is the key to success and if you remain good in every step God will help you in the future. So that I always follow this and want to be in a top position by my work.