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I found your shoes for you, they were next to mine. Ummm.


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Thanks Hon,  :)


Hey Mr.G ! ! Good to hear from you bud ! Yeah, like an old revenant, Im still haunting this site but rarely make an appearance. Very disappointed in what was done. I get the feeling they were hoping we would get used to the "new look" but all they did was chase everyone out. This set up makes us feel too isolated whereas the other made you feel you were seeing all and communicating beautifully. Talk about fixing something that isnt broken. HAPPY HALLOWEEN bud !

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 I've been gone for 10 months. I don't understand. What happened to all the great fun fotos & videos? I could always count on getting a great laugh from MrGraves. Are they still here but I just can't figure out how to find them? I tried to download MrGraves' "Mermaid Song" & there is nothing there. What gives?

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been awhile Brother...thought I'd pop in and see how things are around the cemetary..probly a little dead this time of the day...lmao..well anywho..hugs to yee..and the misses....Peace...

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 Hey, Big Joe, Yep, things are pretty dead around here. Not as much fun as the old days. All our crazy work gone for nothing. I come back to haunt this place ever so often.  Damn good to hear from you.  Best of the season to you and yours !   Peace ....

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Yo, MrGraves. Check my comment page. I left you a message. Later.

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