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Welcome to The Killer & I: On The Hell


For almost two years now, the man who haunted my childhood nightmares, who made me lose countless nights of sleep…has terrorized me in real life. As a child I was able to wake up and tell myself; it was just a nightmare. Now when I wake up sweating after a nightmare, I can no longer tell myself it was just a dream, for I know that there really is a psychotic killer in the room next to me, plotting how he is going to scare or disgust me in the morning. This evil, daring, prankster, yet big hearted, fun loving man I speak of, is none other than the world’s most prolific cinematic killer, Kane Hodder.

If you don’t know who Kane is, there is a whole lot about the horror world you must learn. Kane is the only person to play Jason Voorhees in more than one of the Friday the 13th films; in fact, he was in four of them, part 7-X. Not only was he a hockey masked killer, Kane has appeared in over two hundred film and television roles as a stuntman or actor, most of them in the horror genre. Playing real life monsters like Ed Gein and the B.T.K. Killer as well as the new horror movie monster, Victor Crowley in the Hatchet series, Kane is the ultimate horror movie star. Just take a look at his IMDB page; you’ll be shocked to learn how many of your favorite horror movies he has been in.

Most horror fans are lucky if they get to meet a horror legend like Kane once in their life. They will wait for hours in line at a convention just to shake their hand. In fact I went to my first horror convention in 2009 and was one of those fans. I stood in line for hours, grasping my copy of Crystal Lake Memories to my chest, trying to get as many of the actors who played Jason to sign it. I got four that day, and when I walked out of the building with my wife, I turned to her and said, “If I could just meet Kane Hodder, my life would be complete.” Now, just a few short years later, when I see Kane’s number come up on the caller ID, I roll my eyes and not want to answer it, as I know Kane will be inviting me out to do something I won’t want to do… something that will put my life in danger or embarrass the hell out of me.

It all started when I first met Kane and began writing his biography. It quickly became apparent that the two of us were the complete opposites. Kane is this rough and tough stunt man who is afraid of nothing and I’m this meek writer who doesn’t drink or swear, never been in a fight and pretty much afraid of everything. Despite the differences, we worked well together and the book came along great. What I never expected when working on the book was that I would somehow become a part of Kane’s crazy world.

Day after day Kane would scare, disgust, amaze and freak me out in more ways than one. It was such an experience… I had to write about it. I took the stories, like Kane getting me to pee in a closet, forcing me to stand on a building ledge, scaring me countless times, and turned them into a blog called, The Killer and I. At first I meant for it to be nothing more than a way to help promote the book and keep his fans up to date with its process. Though, before I knew it, the stories became funnier and the readership grew from a few fans to readers in over fifty countries. People loved seeing what Kane was like in real life, well that and I think they enjoyed reading about the frustration, pain and fear he put me through.

The collection of blogs was eventually released as a book the same day as Kane’s biography, Unmasked. While I was excited about the success, it didn’t occur to me that the story of Kane and me would go on from there. That’s when I realized I was about to set out on the road with Kane for almost six solid months on the book tour. I had written an entire book about spending time with Kane and we were only together one weekend a month over the course of a year. Now I was going to spend EVERY day with a man who was going to eventually kill me or at least take twenty years off my life by causing me so much stress. That’s when I realized there might be more than a book here… what if we filmed the tour? In each town we visited, we would do something crazy and fun after our book signings. Something that would either scare the crap out of me, or make Kane be the uncomfortable one once and for all. It would be the Odd Couple, but with a psychotic killer and a scared writer.

And so, several months later, there I was in my hotel room, a giant bruise on my pelvis, a hematoma the size of a golf ball grossing me out on my hip, a sprained wrist, cut up knees, scrapped hands and a headache, wondering if I made the right decision to document our tour. I might have been having a lot of fun, but I had no clue if I would survive it. Hell, we had only been filming three weeks and I had already fallen FOUR times, gotten attacked by an Elk, had an alligator piss on me, a lion try to bite my hand off, fell down a mountain, almost got killed on a Segway, had a camel stick its tongue down my throat, had a mild heart attack during a ghost hunt at the Stanley Hotel, spit on, almost puked more than once, had x-rays taken of possible injuries and even ate a testicle… and like I said, this is only the start of the tour.

Over the course of the next few months, you will be able to read about all the insane adventures Kane and I had while on tour throughout the US and five countries. And trust me; if you thought Kane was crazy in his movies, you haven’t seen anything yet. I just hope I live long enough to write it all down.

So for all you fans out there that wish you could hang out with one of your favorite horror movie stars, this is your chance to see what it’s like with one of the best of them (albeit, the craziest one). This is… the adventures of The Killer and I: On the Road… to Hell.

Currently, Mike is working with another horror legend, Tom Savini on his official biography and just released his first collection of horror short stories called, Tales From A Mortician, written under his pen name, Michael Gore.  Fore more information on Mike, visit Author Mike's website.