What's your favorite "Holy Sh*t!* horror moment from a film?

What's your favorite "Holy Sh*t!* horror moment from a film?

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I started doing this feature on my blog where I talk about moments in horror movies that really made you say "Oh Sh*t!" or "Holy Sh*t!" out loud....most of the time it comes from something gory or shocking or something that catches you off guard.  
My first scene that I picked was the first shotgun blast in Martyrs in the scene where Anna goes to meet her tormentors.  
So tell me what your favorite "Holy Sh*t!" moments are from a horror movie.....
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I'd have to say in "The Ruins" when blondy went crazy with that knife when she was trying to rip out the vines out of her legs and inner thighs.

Or another example is, "The Sleepwalkers" when you found out the teenage son sleeps with his own mother. That and the fact they hate cats so much they cut them open, rip out their insides, and hang them from the tree in the front yard.



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Oh yeah, and in "Slither" when we see the girl he got pregnant. When she was all huge and her skin was ripping apart. Also, I don't think I need to say how gross that Earl got with his nasty body just all throughout the film. 


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lets see

Poltergeist-The Clown under bed The Tree reaching in and grabbing Robbie. The Lightning cam out the tv set

American Werewolf in London Original- Mans Head got cut off but mouth kept moving

Paranormal Activity ending both movie and Alt ending

Final Destination- when the girl was yelling and  then BAM the bus hit her




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I went to go see Sinister the day before it came out. that one had some "Oh Sh*t!" moments. I definetly thought it was better than The Possession.


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Couple for me are from when I was a little kid....

In Jaws when the shark come sout of the water while Chief Brody was chumming.

At the end of John Carpenter's The Fog when the ghosts come back into the church and chop off the priests head.

The Exorcist when Linda Blair's head turns right around.

The original Nightmare On Elm Street when all the blood comes shooting out of the bed.

When I got older the ending of Scream. Not because it was scary but because when they revealed the killers I was like "Oh shit, I can't believe I didn't figure that out."


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Most recently? THE HILLS RUN RED. When Babyface says his one line, my jaw dropped. Pretty bad-ass.


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The Hills Run Red is an underrated slasher to me.....I had a good time with it!



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The scene from Carrie (1976) when Sue goes to put flowers on Carrie's grave and Carrie's arm comes out of the ground and grabs Sue.


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watch subconcious cruelety. the whole movie is oh shit and wtf.


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I liked all the stuff with Jesus getting fucked up then pissed on and arse raped!



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