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Shona I just wanted to keep in touch and stop by to say Hi.

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hey sklws. wuts up.

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 just wanted to say High hope things are well..


Hello cutie ! Just dropped in. I come in rarely but, like you, checking and hoping. Admin contacted me and IS trying to do some more updating to get this back on track. Im trying to see if the fonts and colors work on the comments, lol. But I dont know if the colors will stay. They usually go back to plain old black. I was also triggering the spam blocker CONSTANTLY. Hope all is well. Keep in touch. Im not on the pc as much also cause of school. Its a busy time. Hugs n kisses.

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Ouch this is fucked up , everthing gone

I guess I`ll move to youtube it was fun.

Like Bye..............fang..

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Hey babes...

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just wanted to stop for a visit and say Hi.

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just wantd to let you know that I sent a message your way.


Shona my sweet ! Lovely to hear from you ! I am trying to check in here more often. I DO like the email alert thingie. Nice to get a message that we have a message on the FEAR. AND. . . . . they have made more effort to alert us to activities. Admin got in touch with me and they ARE trying to fix the site up to get us back. The slowness seems to be partly a budget deal. The FEAR IS a company. So keep checking in and hang on. How are you sweets ? Im good. Cant spend too much time on the pc as I am NOT home and using a community pc so I have to wait till its free to use. . . . . ick. Anywho, Im doing well in school and trying to get things back to normal. Wont graduate till May though so Im not happy with that, lol. Keep in touch sweets !


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