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hey welcome to fearnet, hope you enjoy your stay

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Thanx Lady

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Where is everybody ?


LOL, the regulars are waiting for some of the site construction to be finished so we could go back to our old horror movie, funny-azzed selves again.


You wouldnt happen to know a cool dude named BEY would you ? WELCOME TO FEARNET.

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Don't believe i know Bey

Thanx for the welcome !


Just wanted to stop by and say hey. The place is kinda deserted. People jump in for a bit but I think until the ACTIVITY page shows up again, there wont be too many people hanging out. Hopefully things will be back to normal soon. Hang in there.


. . . Not happy with the site as is. Im hoping for improvements but see none so far. . . . . . . just wanted to say hey.

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