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Next Deadline: AUGUST 1ST
Movie Title Contest
Every entrant who submits by August 1st is eligible for our Title contest, where the three top titles will be awarded $250, as voted on by current BlueCat entrants.
Written Feedback on All Submissions by Two Readers
Every entrant will be read and reviewed by two readers and provided two analyses of their screenplay.
The winner of the BlueCat Screenplay Competition will receive $10,000 in cash.
Four finalists receive $2,000 each.
The Cordelia Award – International Award
Best screenplay from the UK will be awarded the Cordelia Award and will receive $1,000.
The Joplin Award – International Award
Best screenplay from outside the USA, Canada and the UK will be awarded the Joplin Award and will receive $1,000.
Discovering & Developing Writers since 1998
For nearly fifteen years, the BlueCat Screenplay Competition’s recognition and development of undiscovered screenwriters from around the world has paved the way for these writers to be signed by major agencies like UTA, CAA and WME, to sell their work to studios like Warner Bros., Paramount and Universal, and most importantly, to see their work produced into motion pictures.
Founded and judged by an award-winning screenwriter, BlueCat has developed a keen eye for exposing screenwriting talent through our diligent and committed analysis of each submission.
  • August 1st: $60 entry fee and eligible for Title Contest
  • October 15th: $65 entry fee
  • November 15th: $70 entry fee
We invite you to submit your screenplay to our competition!
BlueCat Screenplay Competition

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