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sorry about the delay,but i dont really come on here ne more,an i dont really go on those other horror sites ne more either,i just popped on here 2c if there have been ne changes an there havent,its been 2long now,an from what i can gather hardley ne of us old school crew our on here either,wich is a shame as we were all a big family,hope all is well with u??,i wud try postin u a pic,but i cant, a list of many things i still cant do with this new fear!!! grrrrrrrr lv shona x


Love the pic for the background you chose !

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  like I said, WHAT THE FOOK IS THIS SHEET??????? 

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Hey brother Matt ! Whats cooking ?


At least franks and beans will only give you the GAS you need. . . . . . DO NOT switch to Indian food !


. . . . me profile page is a mess. I lurk around here once in awhile. . . . looking for the ghosts of members past, lol. WASSUUUUUUUUUP ?


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