TV Recap: 'The Walking Dead' Episode 306 - 'Hounded'



The Walking Dead Episode 306
Written By: Scott M. Gimple
Directed By: Dan Attias
Original Airdate: 18 November 2012

In This Episode...

Let’s start in the prison. Rick is on the phone, talking to a young woman who claims that she and her group are someplace safe. Rick begs like a child to let his group join theirs. The caller agrees to ask the rest of the group and will call back in two hours. He waits. A man calls next, asking if Rick has killed anyone. He admits that he has, and is fully honest. The man asks about his wife. Rick won’t talk about it; the man hangs up. He gets a couple more calls like this: short, secretive, random, and utterly frustrating. The last call he receives is from Lori. Yes friends, if you hadn’t figured it out before this point (and really, you should have guessed after the phone rang for the very first time. There is no infrastructure left; how the hell would a telephone work?) Rick is in the middle of a psychotic break. But the “phone call” from Lori allows him to ask forgiveness, and get that forgiveness. His mind heals, and he can rejoin the rest.

“The rest” that he is rejoining has shrunk to Carl, Beth, Hershel, and the baby. Maggie and Glenn have gone on a supply run, and Oscar and Daryl have gone a’hunting in the prison (for fun, it seems.) Carl is with them for a short distance, but the hunt ends when a walker comes at them. The three of them fell the zombie easily, but Daryl recognizes a knife in the walker’s neck - Carol’s knife. Thinking this is walker who ate her, he takes her knife and sits by himself in the hallway, moping. A walker is pushing weakly on a door in that hallway. It is blocked by a bloated corpse. Annoyed and angry, Daryl moves the corpse in order to burn off a little steam, but it is not a walker. It is Carol. She is weak and barely conscious, but she is alive and unbitten. 

There is not a lot going on in Woodbury. Andrea wants to be put on wall duty, but when the girl who is supposed to be training her with a bow and arrow turns out to suck and can’t bring down a walker, Andrea jumps the wall and proudly stabs the zombie with a knife. Andrea is sent to the principal’s office - I mean, the Governor’s office - for a talking to. But he likes her too much to be cross. The two end up in bed together.

The Woodbury contingent is another story. Merle and three cohorts head out into the forest to find and kill Michonne. She is a lot stronger and sneakier than they give her credit for. On her first attack, she takes out two of Merle’s men. Merle and his other guy give chase. Merle shoots her and nicks her in the thigh. This draws zombies to them. Michonne kills one tackling her, the pussy cohort kills one on top of Merle, and Merle gets the third. By the time they are dead, Michonne is gone. Merle is happy to let her go - she is headed to the “red zone” and Merle assumes there is no way she could survive. Cohort refuses to lie to the Governor, so Merle shoots him. What Merle doesn’t know - and what takes Michonne a while to realize - is that she is now slathered in zombie guts, which makes her virtually indistinguishable from the other walkers.

Michonne is by herself. She comes to what was one a small town strip mall and hears a car. She hides, and sees Glenn and Maggie pull up. She watches them kiss, then raid the store. They come out, excited for their loot, which includes cocktail wieners, navy beans, and the motherlode of baby formula. Before they can pack up the car, they hear a noise.It’s not Michonne - it’s Merle. Merle pulls his gun on Maggie, but lowers it when he sees Glenn. Glenn is understandably wary, but tells Merle that his brother is alive. Merle will forget about that rooftop business if they take him to see Daryl. Glenn instead tells him he will send Daryl to find him. Merle doesn’t like this option and grabs Maggie as a hostage. Glenn puts down his weapon, willing to give in to all of Merle’s demands. His demands are that Glenn drive them back to Woodbury.

Back at Woodbury, Merle pays the Governor a visit (interrupting his naked fun-time with Andrea) to tell him that Michonne is dead, but the rest of the crew is dead, too. His lies spawn lies as he explains that they were set upon by a huge mob of zombies, and two of the men were carrying the requested trophies - Michonne’s head and sword - which is why he doesn’t have them. But he thinks his new captives are of far more value. He tells the Governor that, from the looks of it, they have a pretty good camp setup. Looks like they will be looking for Rick’s crew next.

Michonne, of course, isn’t dead. In fact, encouraged by Glenn and Maggie’s affection for each other, and the fact that obviously wherever they came from, there was a baby in their midst, she decides to seek out their camp. Rick, fresh off his psychotic break, spots Michonne at the prison gates. She is scared, injured, and carrying Glenn and Maggie’s basket full of supplies. What strikes Rick the most is that she is standing among the walkers and they do not even notice her.

Dig It or Bury It?

This season just keeps getting better. Its predictability does not hinder, which to me is the sign of a well-constructed show. I wasn’t crazy about Rick’s breakdown. I understand it needed to happen, but I’m not much of a fan of the mental breakdown and conveniently fast healing that inevitably follows.

Kill o’ the Week

Doesn’t get much better than when Michonne slices open the walker belly, and guts just pour out onto her. I was a little surprised that Michonne hadn’t figured out the camouflage trick earlier. After all, she was dragging around ambulatory zombies for essentially the same purpose.

Honorable mention goes to the pile of body parts that Michonne piled up to leave a message. The word “Go,” spelled out in pieces of limbs, and a zombie torso, chest-down. So the “back” is showing. “Go back.” Cute.


Glenn and Maggie are the Governor’s prisoners. I suspect the honeymoon will be over when Andrea discovers them. Michonne appears to be taking some of the boys on a Merle hunt.