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Member Blog Post

FEARnet Upgrades


Anyone reading this, I assume, has notice a few things have been updated.  I hope, after kicking the wheels and taking them for a test drive, you all find them favorable.

With that said I want to tell you a few things.

1) I apologize for not giving everyone a heads up that there could be a little disruption as the change was taking place.  I truly meant to, but this was supposed to happen on last Wednesday but got pushed for certain reasons, then it was supposed to happen on this past Tuesday and we had an internal server crash (main site was down for 90 minutes) which then took the rest of that day to stabilize.  So what it came down to on Wednesday night was I wanted to get this new code up for Halloween [Our birthday so to speak (we turn 5 on Halloween)]. So my only window was Thursday morning.

2) This update has corrected some problems that were occurring in some browsers but created some new ones in older browsers.  For that I, again, have to say sorry.  We tested against nearly all versions of browsers on the main site, but the community pages have a few quirks that, well, basically we only find after they are live. We don't have true live testing environment for the community pages. So if you are experiencing troubles, please send me your computer (pc/mac, not brand) browser (i.e., Firefox, chrome, safari, please don't tell me opera) and the version of that browser.

         a. If you are having difficulty here are a few that are working correctly with the new code

                     1. Firefox 7

                     2. IE 7

                     3. Chrome 15 -  video player sitting above the navigation drop down menu. being fixed

                     4. Safari - I haven't dug deep yet, so let me know if you are having problems.

Amongst all of these we are still finding random versions that are having flagging and delete issues.  So help me help you, now that we have fresh code in we can pinpoint the issues if you let me know what browser and version you are using.

3) The Elephant in the Room.........The New Navigation Bar.  I know that change can be jarring, and most of us like what we have, we are used to what we have, and damn it we don't want to see it any different.  I get that, I swear.  When Yahoo tells me that I have to change my email set up now or later, I always pick later. Creature of habit, but aren’t we all. Hell I drive stick, when I borrow someone’s automatic, I look for the clutch.  So I understand if some of you don't like the slimmed down site navigation. All I can ask is give it a few days and a few looks and I think/hope you will find it is actually an improvement.  There are more relevant things in that navigation even though it is smaller.  So I just asked you to give it a chance.  And after a few days you hate it, tell me why. you know where I live

In the meantime, all favorable comments can be left here for all to see!!!!!!!!

Seriously, let me know what you think.  Things can always be augmented, trust me I have to live in LA now, I see it all the time.

And if you want to play a game, guess which one I am in this series of pictures... (note that there will be pictures added until Monday 10/31 so maybe I am not here yet, mwaaahahah) and to be fair, we all have department lables, myself, our graphics designer, and our reasercher were put into other departments just to "make it easier", so don't look for 'site producer' or 'webmaster' as a clue