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Hey brother stopping by to give you a shout!!! just working  hard,just had a b-day hit the big (51) They say your as young as you feel . Hell I feel 21 but if only by body would buy that one!!!

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Just sayin' hey Boots !


Sorry to hear you have to bust yer butt so hard mate, but aint it the way in this SUPER shitty economy with not one pol in Washington that doesnt have his head up his ass and covering his own shit. Long as they got theirs. . . . . . . . .

Keep the faith baby, the worms gotta turn for us all sooner or later. You try and have a Merry Christmas in the event I dont get to chat witcha brother. Hope the New Year is better for us all.


Just figured I would update your wall, lol. Yeah bruh. A few of us are on Horror Mansion. You can just google it and you should find us. Im not on a pc much as I have to use the library pc for now but Im hanging. 


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