What's your favorite "Holy Sh*t!* horror moment from a film?

What's your favorite "Holy Sh*t!* horror moment from a film?

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I started doing this feature on my blog where I talk about moments in horror movies that really made you say "Oh Sh*t!" or "Holy Sh*t!" out loud....most of the time it comes from something gory or shocking or something that catches you off guard.  
My first scene that I picked was the first shotgun blast in Martyrs in the scene where Anna goes to meet her tormentors.  
So tell me what your favorite "Holy Sh*t!" moments are from a horror movie.....
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Watching Lucy Hale die in Scream 4 was shocking, especially cause I like Pretty Little Liars,


And the scene in House of the Devil where the firned gets shot in the head in her car.- I wasn't expecting that at all


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The scene in The Ring 2 when the deer attack the car. Deer have freaked me out since then. Anytime I see one one the road I freeze and don't know what to do.

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I just saw silent night, and the wood chipper has my vote. that made my day. 


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Glad someone mentioned the hospital scene in Exorcist 3 but I was pretty sure it was the nurse, not the security guard, who got it... and sure enough... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zH8ynu0jRvY

Guess it was on my mind since I was in hospital recently! Arrgh.

There are some pretty great moments in Suspiria (particularly the climax in Helen Marcus' rooms) and Evil Dead, like the scene where they listen to the recording about the necronomicon. Brrr.





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honestly for me my favorite off guard moment was when i was about 12 years old watching the original Amityville Movie with my parents and older sister. It was the scene when the priest was attempting to bless the house and he heard the demonic voice say "GET OUT!!!" mind you we had our surround sound on so it was very loud and it scarred the hell out of me and i accidently blurted out "Oh S%&t!!!"  Yea, my parents were not happy about it but it was still pretty funny.


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There are so many for me...at least once in each Final Destination series of movies, the barbed wire scene, the kid that gets flattened by the window pane. At least once in each of the Saw series...but having to put your hand in that saw, finding out the chick is in on it, finding out the cop is the one..., the Grudge chick coming down the stairs, The Sixth Sense where he finds out he's dead, the ending of The Mist, Seven..."What's in the Box!?!?!" lol  I could go ON and ON!!

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How about The Ring when Samara comes out of the tv

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I have to say mine was dead silence with that flash back from when the funeral home guy was telling about Mary Shaw and the coffin gets knocked over with her coming toward him. Sinister got me a couple times too


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