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Prepare for Disappointment World War Z is coming



I was amongst the hordes of Zombie Film fans that eagerly awaited the release of the trailer for World War Z. I did have my doubts and fears that a film would not do the book justice and it seems I am right. Evidently Brad's ego or possibly some influence by the Pokemon Collector Partner of his has caused this film to be exactly what I feared. World War Z is a collection of individual accounts and in reality would have been better served as three separate films those being titled possibly as World War Z I "Outbreak" World War Z II "Stabilization" World War Z III "Victory". However what we get is a single film of the events from Brad Pitt's perspective. No blind monks, no South Africa, No Israel and no Yonkers just Brad saving the day. On top of this we get CGI zombie water like floods that make no sense whatsoever unless you completely turn your brain off. I understand you have to take movies with a bit of suspension of disbelief but the waterflowing like movement of zombies is a tad much. This is "I Am Legend" all over again with the Hollywood powers that be taking a great idea and totally ignoring seemingly the source material. I might have been tempted to see this if it was not titled World War Z but now I'll wait to borrow it on DVD from a friend or catch it on cable or Netflix since it will probably suck worse than Zombie Diaries.