Ferals are LIVE! New Aussie Zombie Web Series needs help from horror fans :)

Ferals are LIVE! New Aussie Zombie Web Series needs help from horror fans :)

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Hi fellow fans,

I've been a bit of a lurker but it's time to out myself- as I just did on the general forum.  :)

I'm the producer of Ferals, a high end coming of age zombie web series
pilot we’ve just launched for funding at www.pozible.com/ferals.

Support is flying (lurching?) in from across Australia and the world
but we always need mooooore! And we are hoping you can give a shout
out/ tweet out/ general thumbs up to our project via your blogs, twitter/ fb etc...a link to our Feral links would be great!

www.facebook.com/feralsazombieproject, and our pozible donation page,

I'd also be really interested in your feedback on the concept and any suggestions on how/ where to spread the word.

In this radical take on the Zombie genre, we treat zombification as a
terminal illness. People don’t die and reanimate, they get sick and
deteriorate. Once a person is bitten it takes months for the infection
to become full blown and in the mean time they have lucid days, bad
days and everything in between. Dad, Mum, Tam (19) and Brie (6)
abruptly end their holiday as sickness and the world goes haywire. The
series follows their kombi journey home to safety. Will they all make
it? One thing’s for sure, the family will never be the same again.

Can you imagine caring for a friend, a mother, a sister, a lover-
sheltering, protecting them one day, when the next day they'll attack
you and you have to fight for your life?

This is a horror zombie series by women filmmakers, for a growing
demographic of female genre fans as well as the wider horror community. Through the lens of horror we look at the struggles of caring for a loved one with a terminal illness.

It's time to re-invigorate the zombie genre. It's time to give zombies back their bite!

Look forward to your Feral thoughts!

Many thanks,

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I like the sound of this project, how long would the episodes run time be? You should do a bit of spamming on IMDB, go round all the popular zombie films forums and promote there.

I like the fact its a group of women film makers doing this because there just isn't enough female film makers in the horror genre, good luck with the project!




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