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Our Favorite Horror Sidekicks: 'Scream's' Tatum Riley


ScreamWhile many horror movies that came before it referenced other movies, Scream was one of the first to really spell out “the rules” of the slasher genre.  Tatum Riley fits nicely into the rules for the Final Girl's sidekick. Loud, brash, and much more easygoing in the sack, Tatum is the perfect match to reserved best-friend Sidney Prescott.

Film: Scream

Year: 1996

Sidekick: Tatum Riley (Rose McGowan)

Why the Sidekick Is Better Than the Lead: Tatum is just so much more fun than the broken Sydney. She has a big mouth and a big rack and delivers the best one-liners in the movie. She’s also very set in her beliefs, sticking up for the ladies when Stew suggests a woman couldn’t have committed Casey’s murders, “That is so sexist, the killer could easily be female. Basic Instinct.” and putting her older brother in his place when he leaves them in the police station for too long "I'm sorry Deputy Dewey, but we are ready to go! Now! OK?"

Moment of Glory: Tatum never stops looking out for Sydney in her time of crisis, supporting her in everything, especially when it comes to Sydney’s extremely suspect boyfriend, summing Billy up with a few choice words, "Billy and his penis don't deserve you."

Moment of Gory: Sadly the rules of the slasher film state that the promiscuous best friend eventually has to die. Tatum’s death is pretty great.  She never breaks from character, being a sarcastic snot until the very end, asking “What movie is this from? I spit on your garage.”
Tatum - "Oh, you wanna play psycho killer?"
Ghostface -  *Nods*
Tatum - "Can I play the helpless victim?"
Ghostface -  *Nods*
Tatum - "Ok, lets see ... No, please don't kill me Mr. Ghostface, I want to be in the sequel!"