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R.I.P. Actor Jack Klugman


jack klugmanActor Jack Klugman died on Christmas Eve. He was 90.

The actor was best known for his role as Oscar, the messy half of The Odd Couple, for which he won two Emmy awards, and as the lead in the procedural series Quincy M.E. However, Klugman had several roles on classic genre television shows, most notably The Twilight Zone.

Klugman appeared in four episodes of the anthology series throughout its run. In "A Passage for Trumpet," he played a suicidal trumpet player who gets caught between life and death. In "A Game of Pool," Klugman played a billiards champion who faces off against a dead legend. Klugman played a captain in "Death Ship," where a space ship crash lands and the crew discovers an identical version of themselves already there. And in "In Praise of Pip," Klugman played a small-time bookie who has a sudden change of heart - much to the dismay of his bosses. Klugman also appeared in an episode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents as well as an episode of the newest iteration of The Outer Limits.

Though Klugman was largely known for his roles on the small screen, one of his final roles was a feature that will likely be familiar to FEARnet readers: Drew Daywalt's Camera Obscura. In the film, Klugman is a retired crime scene photographer. When he dies, he leaves his camera to his granddaughter, who soon learns that the camera has all sorts of demonic secrets.

No details on Klugman's cause of death were immediately available; however, he had suffered from throat cancer for several decades.