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Mick Garris one of the sci-fi and horror genres favorite producers, writers and directors and the creator of such chilling series as the award-winning anthology Masters of Horror -- goes one-on-one with the biggest names in horror for provocative and insightful conversations.

Tobe Hooper

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I'm new to the message board, though have enjoyed the site for awhile. I've REALLY enjoyed Mick Garris's Post Mortem series; the interviews with the influential horror filmmakers are superlative to say the least.

My question is about the advertized Tobe Hooper interview. It's been promised for some time now, and I was wondering when that might be. Hooper is an interesting filmmaker, and I'd like to hear from him. Any heads-up on this would be appreciated.




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I'm sure someone here will know, but I am feeling pretty dumb today so  I cant help you, but would love to know that to



Welcome to the community greyfoot ! NO idea on when the interview might be. FEARnet occasionally gets a bit sloppy on follow up to their own shows. If Admin was not too busy and on the pages as he has been, he might be around to answer your questions. You can always email him to ask.

Our FN Admin guy. . . . YES !


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The Tobe Hooper Post Mortem Interviews will (finally) be released on 12/26/12.

But even before that, we flip the script on Mick and sit him down for a Post Mortem of his own.  Mick's interviews will be available on 12/21/12


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As promised, the "lost episode" of Post Mortem featuring Tobe Hoper is now available here

Check out the rest of the series if you haven't yet here


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