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So the children at our public schools are starting to talk about the movie Rubber.  Finally, our public education system has a real subject to expand our youths minds and debate what really matters in this world.  Like psychic tires blowing up people's heads.

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So my young children have become full experts on zombies.  They learned all they possibly could from PopCap Games and youtube videos of Zombie Intern.  Apparently, working with zombies is not only safe, but comical as well.  I hope the guy next to me in the cubicle just doesn't come down with a case of zombie breath or I'lll have to shoot him myself.

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I thiunk we can accurately gauge the interest of something on the site by the number of comments and what that first comment is.  This on happen to be one and the same, Can't believe I made $---- on the computer!  Use this link to find out how.  Think I will pass on this one, the link too.

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