request movies

request movies

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i would love to see the original, children of the corn. Anyone else?

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DaphneyG1990's picture

i think it'd be cool to see the movie House (1986) on here, was always one of my favorites as a kid and havent seen it in a long time. actually kinda hard to find these days

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how bout the exorcisim of emily rose? or some of the paranormal activities? we need newer shit not shit from the 50's lmao

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How about some of the more fun campy cheesy movies from the eighties...Popcorn, Dead Alive, Chopping Mall, Chud and basket case. Also would really like to see some of the classic European vampire flicks from the seventies. Some other worthy movies Motel Hell, Cronos and I seen someone said Nightbreed that would be awesome!

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ciggarett burn with norman reedus and messanger 2 please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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