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Hi Pretty Lady:

Glad to see u made it back on here.This is new to all of us,we are learning as we go plus there improving things on here so they say,lol it will take a little while for them to get everything in order,but I think it will work out ok.You just have to look at your profile page for now and look to see if there any new messages.Then you go to mine like u did to leave a message. The messaga are npt private as of yet,but give them time.Nice hearing from u Miss Y. keep in touch! TTYL.


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Helloooooo! How are you? I see they havent fixed too much on here since the last time I logged on LOL. How's your summer been going? I havent really had one-my son goes to his MMA classes from 8:30am-5pm M-F and my oldest daughter was taking classes from 9-2  M-F so basically I've been on school schedule all year round. Havent even had time to have surgery, I guess I'll get around to it one day LOL. Hope all is well with you!

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Just a little something for u!!

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Hello Beautiful!!

Sorry It Took A little bit ,I had To have my pet put to sleep on Tuesday,I have been down in the dumps! Sammy was a cat,I had him for 11 years my best little friend.Some people may look at it differently but when that's all you have,its devastating when you loose them.

Today is my B-day I hit the big (51) I took a week off of work for it. I'm not doing anything special,I don't drink or party any more gave that up about 12 years ago  there's more to life than that,to have fun. If I may be so bold to say If I had a B-day wish I would wish to have a candle light dinner with a beautiful sunset with you here. now to me that would would be something nice,and a romantic walk around the park with a gentle breeze blowing...............

Its nice to dream,LOL   take care my friend write soon!!! Miss you!!   Roger

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Hey! OMG I'm soooo sorry about Sammy :( I have 2 cats and a dog-I only got the dog for my son as I'm a cat person and I would be heartbroken if something happened to my babies (B.J. and Roscoe lol) I know that had to be hard on you.

Happy Belated Birthday!!!! How did you spend it? Hopefully relaxing as much as possible. Your birthday wish sounds wonderful, I could definitely use a vacation with good company. School is starting Tuesday so life has been even more hectic than usual (I almost didnt think that was possible lol). It seems like I pass myself in the mirror-we speak and keep going! Hopefully things will slow down soon, I'm too old for this!

Hope all is well with you and we'll talk again soon-take care! ~Yolanda~

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Hi Yolanda,here is a link where most of us has gone to because this place is dead. it has private message as well,lots more fun! Come join us love to see u there!!

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also I wanted to add that we could talk with out the world reading our business. Which is a nice feature,so I hope to see you there soon!!!

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