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Immerse in my dreams I tremble

Deep in the path of torture

Ahead there’s a child who’s crying

Without his tongue, no lying

In the deep darkness sorrow

There’s a youngster to skin flesh

There are maggots in the inside

While he sits laying aside

There are layers of rotten wounds

And a heart bitten twice

As I walk the dark path of hell

No I see a wounded man

That scares himself of trying

But he got no hands

He got no tongue, no skin, no heart

But still wants to borrow a hope that he would deny

Inside his dying tomorrow

Now there is white in his eyes

As he enter the seol

I can fell the decay flesh

More untasted than rotten blood

Now I feel the disdain

Of a life living in sin

That became my own hell…..

REPEATEDLY…….         LIZ…. 7/9/2012

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