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  A hello to everyone.


 To hallow we ween a trickery sight, for the goons and goblins that lerk through the night. Long a tail, short and lean, nails razor sharp to slice your bones clean, so watch your step, it just may be your night, who knows for what table is set, the next door that will open might be the treat you'll never forget.

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I just joined, whats with the dead points ? whats that for?

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What may I ask are you talking about ?

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   A hello to everyone, I bid you a due. I hope all is well, have anyone seen any good movies lately, and what did you think about Jeepers Creepers 3 ?. I thought it was too short, sometimes you can stretch an idea only so far but still it was a good movie, although I was a bit disappointed, I just liked the first two better. On a poetic note I would like to say.  To a jeep we may see a creep and through his smile, the fear of fright, to take you what of his pleasure as he chew from a bite. So don't be afraid as he inhale a sniff, the clattering teeth from the hiss of the lips lay claim to a bounty for twenty-three year of being in hells pit. To your pleasure stare into his eyes, let him see your demon, chop him up, and set him on fire. From the ash we become dust, back to hell from whence it came is a must.

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