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This Week in Horror: Tobe Hooper, 'Grabbers', 'Burial Ground: The Nights of Terror'


Burial Ground: The Nights of TerrorThis week in horror saw the birth of the man behind The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Poltergeist, and Lifeforce, Tobe Hooper.  He doesn’t need an introduction, but let’s have a moment of silence for this genre-changing director.

1981 gave us Andrea Bianchi’s Italian gore-fest, Burial Ground: The Nights of Terror. Notable for its near total lack of plot and bloody zombie breast-feeding scene, Burial Ground: The Nights of Terror, aka The Zombie Dead, starts with zombies snacking on a bearded professorial-type and ends with a bunch of zombies munching on a group of over-sexed couples. There are also zombie monks in the mix, zombie Etruscans, some mother-son-fondling, and a number of killer garden tools. It was written by Piero Regnoli whose credits include Nightmare City.

On January 21 of last year Irish monster movie Grabbers made its debut at Sundance to generally positive reviews. It’s a movie about a giant sea monster on the Irish coast that’s grabbing up townsfolk ass-over-fairisle.  The only way to stop the monster? Get stinking drunk. It’s an inebriated, folk-song-singing Irish Tremors with a little of the X-Files monster-of-the-week episode, Agua Mala mixed in. The cast includes Being Human’s Russell Tovey.

Watch some clips from the films, and pay close attention to the way the zombies slowly and lovingly devour their victims.

Title: Burial Ground: The Nights of Terror
Released: Jan 23, 1981
Tagline: When the moon turns red, the dead shall rise!

Title: Grabbers
Released: Jan 21, 2012