TV Recap: 'The Following' Episode 102 - 'Chapter Two'



the followingThe Following Episode 102
“Chapter 2”
Written By: Kevin Willamson
Directed By: Marcos Siega
Original Airdate: 28 January 2013

In This Episode...

Even though Claire ran tons of background checks and got lots of references on Denise, Ryan is certain that she is one of Joe’s plants. And he is right. Denise’s real name is Emma. Similarly, Will and Billy aren’t who they say they are. They are Jacob and Paul, two ostensibly straight men. Jacob and Emma are dating - Joe Carroll set them up. Paul doesn’t like kids, and doesn’t like that Jacob and Emma are a couple. Despite what the guys say, it is clear that Paul has a crush on Jacob.

Now that Ryan and the FBI have Emma’s real identity, they find her house. It is a modest two-story that looks like a flop house. Every wall is covered with psychotic ramblings, Poe quotes, drawings, blueprints, news clippings, surveillance photos, and even a god-like painting of Joe Carroll. This was clearly the cult’s clubhouse. Mike finds Emma’s mother’s decaying corpse in the wall. In one of the bedrooms, Ryan finds a shelf full of Poe masks. One of them is on a human being, who pistol whips Ryan. “You are going to die. But not today.” He escapes, in no small part to the fact that the FBI refuses to issue Ryan a firearm.

The FBI also have another crime scene: the sorority house. Jordy talked his way in and left three dead sorority girls, with their eyes cut out, “Nevermore” written on the wall in blood, and other nods to Poe. Another crime scene soon comes to light: Claire Matthews’s house. Jordy had sneaked in and suffocated the cop that was placed outside her bedroom door. He slips in and handcuffs her to a chair. When Ryan bursts in, Jordy takes a shot - and misses. Ryan approaches more cautiously, and one of the agents slips a gun into his waistband before he fully enters. Jordy is pleased to see Ryan, as this is Jordy’s chapter. He is proud that Carroll assigned him this chapter: Ryan is to watch Claire die. Ryan distracts him by telling Jordy that Carroll wants to talk to him in person. Jordy is pleased, drops his guard, and Ryan gets a shot off. Jordy isn’t dead, but he is easily taken into custody.

Ryan is brought to see Carroll - with a half-dozen guards, there to prevent him from physically attacking Carroll again. He promises that Jordy was a “puppy” compared to the games he has in store for Ryan. Carroll set up this “chapter” as a way to turn Ryan back into the hero - he saves the girl. Carroll seems perturbed when Ryan tells him that he didn’t actually kill Jordy. But no matter: Jordy “doesn’t know anything.”

The episode ends with Poe-masked cultist Rick immolating a random man on the street in broad daylight.

Dig It or Bury It?

More please! Compared to the pilot, this episode was rather sedate. Of course, compared to the pilot, a monkey on crank would appear to be sedate.

Flashback to the Future

Claire and Ryan dated for two months, and they waited until after Claire’s divorce was final.

Emma invites Jacob over for dinner. During dinner, while her skanky mom is hitting on Jacob, Emma stabs her in the back.


The man behind the Poe mask is revealed.