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Politicians Get the Monster Treatment in These Toys


In honor of the Toy Fair later this month, Heroes in Action Toys sent us a preview of the newest figures in the Presidential Monsters collection.

Yep. Politics just a got a little scarier. Heroes in Action Toys took some of the biggest names in the history of American politics, and gave them a monster makeover. My favorites in the line are Sarah Palin as “Van Palin” - a spoof on Van Helsing in a pants suit, and former VP Al Gore as “Algor”- Igor in the White House. Heroes in Action Toys also made Hillary Clinton as "Hillvira – Secretary of Stake,” and Mitt Romney as “Romney, The Robot.” Full list and images below. Check out the figures at BOOTH # 5032.

“Dr. Benjamin Franklinstein” – Ben Franklin as a Mad Scientist
“Algor” – Former VP Al Gore as Lab Assistant “Igor”
“Jacksferatu” – Andrew Jackson as an Ancient Vampire
“Yeti Roosevelt” – President Teddy Roosevelt as a Yeti monster
“General Eisenhowler” – Ike as a Wolfman
“Jimmy Pea Nutz” – Jimmy Carter as a “psycho”
“Martian Van Buren” – the late president Martin VB as a Vintage TV Martian
“Young Frankenford” – Gerald Ford as a Frankenstein
“U-Headless S. Grant” – Ulysses Grant as a Headless Horseman
“Lyndon After Midnight” – a spoof of President LBJ

Presidential Monsters

Presidential Monsters - Hillvira

Presidential Monsters - Romney Robot