What is the FREAKIEST horror flick. . . . . . .

What is the FREAKIEST horror flick. . . . . . .


While there are plenty of garbage and "z" rated horror flicks, (like the shot on video by amateur directors looking to make millions on a 2 dollar budget ) Im NOT talking about that. Im talking about well meaning movie makers who come up with some goofy, freaky stuff as if they were on a 60's acid trip or just simply off the wall. My vote for freakiest in the horror genre is THE OREGONIAN. WTF ???? Lol, I cant review it cause it seems plotless. A woman that seems to be going through different horror flick moments is about all I can say. Which is yours ?

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I watched most of this based on your advice to see it. Much of it looked like a French art film and had the soundtrack to match. There are 2 of the stories I agree with you on being really decent. Any scenes in the Theatre are very well done and I enjoyed them. I'm still debating on watching the last story, as I lost interest about there. Gave a thumbs up though! Frog story was great, but that soundtrack.... Yeesh! Not so much. 


That one moment in MEGAN IS MISSING is worth the wait. Realistic as hell. I cant believe I missed out on some of the other mentioned "Freakies", lol. I will def check out BEYOND THE BLACK RAINBOW, THEATER OF THE BIZARRE and STREET TRASH. I found the OREGONIAN to be a waste of time but a must see for any fan or student of horror just cause its such a weird ass movie.


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hey rift just check it out and see for yourself , i am still on the fence about that one, to bizaar to comment!?


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These are all some great movies. You guys have to check out Ombis, it's a Sci-Fi Horror movie that was filmed in Buffalo, NY and just achieved a Distribution Group!




Check it out and visit us on www.deftonepicturestudios.com 

Twitter: @DefTonePictures

Facebook: DefTone Picture Studios

Let me know what you think!



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I would say that chillerama is one of the freakiest that I've seen to date.  My memory sometimes has trouble remembering on the spot, but I do rememeber a low budget movie "The Hitchhiker" my friend and I would watch late night on t.v.  I also remember one that invlolved slugs that would consume a human body, that would transfer itself from one human to the other throught the mouth.  These were both eighties classics.

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for me i dont get scared easy but freaky i would have to say silent hill or dead end!

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i bought theater bizzare on a whim...was pleased...." i love you" prolly my fav second to the the drug chick? forgot that title of that one the chick that injects...u knopw what im talking about...overall good film i thought...not all the stories were good but overall it was good

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"Someone's Knocking At the Door" is the one that comes to mind. If you can watch it without crossing your legs and getting vivid mental pictures? You're immortal!

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