Creepshow (1982)

Creepshow (1982)

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Remember the roaches coming out of E.G. Marshall?

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i love this movie, i watch it alllll the time. i want to watch the 3rd one just to see what its all about.

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Good movie kinda funny too

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Creepshow is my favorite movie. EVER. The second one was good too. Three was a damn joke. Now this fourth one is supposed to have intertwining stoies. HORRIBLE. There is nothing i love more than the dancing done by Ed Harris in Father's Day... and I do love the line "YOOOU BITCH, YOOOOU called me a bitch".

One day I will own the ashtray.
I should also never be allowed to watch this movie in company because I will constantly spit out Shinfo while it's going on. Like "Fat Boy" in Old Chief Woodenhead in 2 is David Holbrook, son of Hal. And the T-Shirt that the slutty chick in The Raft in 2 is from Horlicks University which is the destination printed on The Crate that "Fluffy" was contained in.

OH i'm gonna have to watch that again soon.

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Loved both of them as well. What a great memory of seeing it.

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It gets no better when the greatest horror writer of our time Steven King and the father of the modern horror movie George A.Romero team up!/

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I agree with many others on here, a true classic shouldn't be remade, just expanded upon. I loved all the stories, but "The crate" was both scary and hillarious at the same time. Kudos to S. King's son Ben for the great cameo in the wraparound story too!


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