What movie scared you as a child?

What movie scared you as a child?

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I remember going to see SLEEPING BEAUTY as a child. When we got home that night, I was afraid that the evil queen was on top of our house as my dad pulled into the driveway. That movie really got to me!

Anyone else with memories to share?

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the movie that scared me most was "dolls" i was 5 when my babbysitters thought it was a good idea to wath it. and no. it scared the shit outta me. lol. when i got home i grabbed all my dolls and threw them in the closet and blocked it with a chair. and i nthte middle of the night my mom came to check on me saw the chair, and my dolls and pulled them out and set them on the end of my bed. lets just say i was hysterical the next morning when i woke up. hahaha

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Blair Witch Project creeped me out a little bit as a kid but that's about it. Oh and one of those Return of the Living Dead movies 2 or 3 (I think) had some scene where a guy's head was in the toilet and that made me afraid to use the bathroom. LOL, I can laugh about it now that I'm way older.

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My mom ws always watching Stephen King movies, and they freaked me out! Cujo..The Shining.."GREAT party, isn't it?"...EEEKKKK!

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In the mid eighties my dad had a Beta player, for those wondering what the hell a Beta player is, well Beta was a rival to VHS tape, kind of like DVD vs. BluRay now, for those wondering what a VHS tape is.... Anyway, I still remember exactly what movies my dad had, Commando with AHNOLD, Top Gun, Rio Bravo, Cobra with Sylvester Stallone, and then there was a little movie called The Day After, about nuclear war... that and Children of the Corn, Im not sure how many times my brother and I started to watch those but got to scared, I must have seen the first half of Children of the Corn a hundred times between the ages of six and eight, granted to many this may not seem scary, but atmosphere to me is the difference between scary or not, often times scenes in broad daylight, or dusk or dawn, are more scary to me than anything in the dead of night, to me a kid in Indiana,watchin Children of the Corn and those brown cornfields and blue skies and preaching on the radio were more than enough to scare me and wonder what the hell was out there!!

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  We were on vacation in a cabin in the mountains. While my parents were sleeping, my brother & me got up and watched "Don't be afraid of the dark" I have to tell you that for the rest of our vacation, I was afraid of the dark! I hear theres gonna be a remake of that movie. I'd like to see the classic again; just for old times sake?!           Staci_Annette

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Stephen Kings IT

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When I was little, Jaws because we would go to the lake all the time and my older step brothers would tease me (while I was learning to water ski) that Jaws was going to get me. When a Stranger Calls, I was just starting to babysit...Night of the Living Dead, I still can't go to a cemetary without thinking of that movie and looking around. lol  Willard, The Exorcist, It's Alive, Alice Sweet Alice...Most of these movies I watch now and can laugh...


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The Original Freddy Krueger Movies scared the crap out of me when Iwas a child!


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freddy because he could get me while im sleep

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hay even know freddy can kill u in ur sleep thares alwes a twist like in the dreem chiled even know she forgot him he used her babys dreams to come back and get is revenge and some time he has relitives like his dauter that was takin from him and addopted we should chat some time 


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