Halloween, or Nightmare on Elm Street?

Halloween, or Nightmare on Elm Street?

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I'm talking about the originals, not the remakes. Which do you prefer? Personally, I prefer Halloween. 

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Nightmare on Elm Street without a doubt. Freddy was my first love of horror and helped inspire my great passion for the genre today. After watching (to me at my very young age) the brutal nightmares and deaths of his victims, i just wasnt satisfied with a guy in a mask with A knife WALKING around stabbing people. Just wasn't enough to satisfy my craving for gore.

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Ehh I would rather have a good story line than gore. Thats why most of these horror movies suck today. They have more gore but the story line usually blows.

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i am a horror lover , i enjoy all types of great horror movies , when re-makes are done from the originals i just do not find them as good , perhaps it's just me . when it comes Jason, freddy , michael , and all the rest, better to be left undone .

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Oh Def halloween for me the 1978 classic with the scream queen jamie lee curtis. it is the first horror movie i saw when i was four and i loved it ever since hate the new one b/c MICHAEL MEYERS DOES NOT RUNNNN. i like nightmare one elm st to but freddy can only kill people in their dreams take him into the real world and he can die easy but michael has been shot and stabbed but nothing seems to kill him ever. just my personal opinion. and i hate all the remakes i like all classics the halloween the nightmare on elm st and friday the 13th. the people who remade them totally f&*^%$ them up!

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Freddie was always my favorite and seemed scarier cause he could "get you in your dreams." But I can't lie, I watch Halloween 1,2,4 and H2O whenever I can!!

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I gotta say there is no competitionhere, they are both excellent, but only the originals!!!!

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I must say that there is no competition here they both rock,but only the originals, and nothing BUT!!!!

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Halloween nuff said

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i love nightmare on elm street



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