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Been away 4 awhile, my mom died- not 2 mention 2or 3 other major changes happening in my life at the worst possible time. I'm making it thrue though! I don't recognize the new fear net, gonna have to learn my way around all over again! I hope all my pals are well & I hope to talk to you all soon. 4 now I just wanted to say hi and I miss you all! Love Staci


Hi Staci ! Welcome back! FEARnet has gone through some changes, not all good BUT the good news is that the admin IS trying to revamp it and make it more user freindly. As you noticed, much of the old crowd is not here. I am trying to get them to come back and participate but they are not happy, neither am I, with some of the changes. I am not here as often as I am in school and NOT home. ( I am out of state) and dont have too much time or access to a computer. Hang out when you can and dont give up on FEARnet. They are trying. Sorry to hear about your mom and how things are going. A LOT of us are going through some terrible times as well. The ecomomy doesnt help. Peeps are losing their homes and things are hard. I lost my mom some time back and am still not completely over it. I wish you much strength in these hard times.

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