Horror Podcasts/Favorite Podcasts

Horror Podcasts/Favorite Podcasts

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Hey all! 

Are there any horror podcasts or film/general podcasts that you all particularly enjoy? Here's my list, but I would love to hear from others, as I work at home & pretty much podcast all day: 


Horroretc (http://www.horroretc.com/): They have wide-ranging topics & podcast regularly. 

The Brood (I'm part of this podcast, but I would recommend it even if I wasn't)(http://thebrood.podbean.com/): critical horror discussion. 

Bloody Disgusting (http://bloody-disgusting.com/podcasts/): I LOVE the double murder episodes. 

Filmspotting (http://www.filmspotting.net/): not horror specifically, but I really enjoy their episodes and the critical focus. 


Any others? 

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Funny General FIlm Podcast - How Did This Get Made? (The Punisher:War Zone and Crank Eps are good)

General FIlm - /FilmCast

Tobolowsky Files

Featuring FEARnet Staff - Shockwaves and Geek Nations Killer POV



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I have never really got into podcasts, not because am against them am just not really 100% sure what they are, I know slasherstudios does them but I usually just speak to them guys over at facebook and on there site.

I will have a click through your links and see what the crack is.


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definitely 40oz of horror podcast. They are hilarious and know a lot about horror. They have different segments like news and dvd releases. 


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The last months me and Jason Meredith (of the blog Cinezilla - mine is Ex-Ninja) have been producing a podcast called The Human Centipod, which have gotten great feedback. In the latest episode we're focusing on Cannibal Apocalypse and we have a very special guest, Giovanni Lombardo Radice! :)

You can listen to it on Soundcloud or, of course, through iTunes. Enjoy! :)

And yes, I'm Swedish - so sorry for the accent. And giggling. I have a tendency to giggle. All the time ;)

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