Zombie Flesh Eaters Giveaway! (Arrow release DVD)

Zombie Flesh Eaters Giveaway! (Arrow release DVD)

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I have just set up a game over at the Horror Mansion and a brand new copy of zombi 2 is the prize for the winner! 

The game is a horror film icon identification game...

We have some new games coming soon after this with hellraiser puzzle boxes up for grabs, horror T-shirts, more movies and are planning a game for a $50 cash prize! 

Last October challenge we gave away three dvds (ratman, black Christmas & dark water)... it was sh!t loads of fun so now we plan on having a game going all the time to win something... I might even put my Gunnar Hansen signed texas chainsaw massacre artwork up as a prize once I can think up a cool game for it! 

The link below takes you to the mansion... first person to PM me the answer either here or there wins! ... good luck!


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Bloody good,that me.

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Zombiebait all you can eat,

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